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maybe an old topic,but i'd like to have the list of aces,names,where to find them and where.thanks a lot.
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No. 13 - PEGAS, flies F-22: Mission 1; Destroy all indicated TGTs as fast as possible, within a couple minutes tops. Watch near the airfield for some F/A-18s to appear, then shoot them down. Soon after this, a flight of Rafales will appear high above the airfield, along with Pegas at about 25,000 - 30,000 feet.

No. 14 - EDINOROG, flies F-16: After you clear the enemy bomber flight coming from the east, EDINOROG will appear near the flight of two bombers coming from the west. He is around 10,000 ft, near an allied ESM.

No. 15 - DRAKON, flies Tornado: Once you complete two operations, he will appear over the last enemy garrison with another flight of enemy fighters. He carries a jammer, so may be hard to spot, but flies at roughly 10,000 - 25,000 ft.

No. 16 -KENTAVR, flies Su-47: After you complete two operations, he will be flying directly over Bartalameo Fortress, near the 2 Strigons that also appear. He and the Strigons appear at roughly 15,000 - 25,000 feet.

No. 17 - ORYOL, flies F-15: After you complete two operations, he will be flying over the remaining Estovakian forces in the desert. Sometimes he is nearer to the airport, other times near the middle. He flies around 15,000 feet so shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

No. 18 - VEGA, flies Rafale: After you complete 3 operations, she will fly at you from the south where the last Estovakian forces are located. Its hard to tell where she appears, because she tends to fly right at you in a ruthless attempt to kill you.

No. 19 - DZHOZER, flies F-117: This guy is a bit hard to find at first, but look low to the mountains near the enemy jammer aircraft. He should be over there. This must be done before the completion of all required operations though. (I have heard of people finding him away from the jammers as well, but he flies around quite a bit so you can find him almost anywhere in the southeast. I saw my wingman shoot him down near Warlock battalion)

No. 20 - RUSALKA, flies Typhoon: After you complete two operations, he will be flying over the center of the city, providing cover for enemy aircraft. Sometimes he guns for you, sometimes he doesn’t (from my experience), but he shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

No. 21 - FENIKS, flies Su-33: This guy will be launched off of the Aigaion after you destroy the Aigaion’s last engine. You must also have taken out the Gyges and Kotas for him to appear.

No. 22 -OBLAKO, flies Mirage 2000: After you complete 2 operations and get the mission update, he will be flying over Ragno Fortress. He probably wont gun for you, so you will likely have to find him yourself. He is usually up near 20,000 feet flying around.

No. 23 -RYTSARY, flies A-10: After you complete two operations, he will appear near you and probably gun for you. Try to take him out as quickly as possible before the Strigon team comes, because he might get away once they do come.

No. 24 - FLYUGER, flies F-2A: After you take out the vehicles, he should be flying just above the canyon near where those vehicles were just at. Try taking him out quickly, you don’t want to be on his tail when his battalion of buddies come to help him.

No. 25 - VALET, flies F-14: She is seen taking off of the enemy aircraft carrier in the harbor. If you don’t see her take off, look around the harbor for her plane. This happens before the mission update and the battle with Pasternak.

No. 26 -DAMA, flies F/A-18: Snake Pit will alert you to incoming enemy reinforcements from the south after the first wave of missiles. This guy appears there, and tends to hover near and around your airfield providing ESM and jammer services for his buddies. Look for the jammer on radar, and you will find him easily.

No. 27 - KOROL, flies F-4: This guy isn’t even considered an Ace really; he is actually an Estovakian general trying to run from you on the last mission. He appears on the runway of the Chandelier just as you are told to fly down the barrel. Get him on the runway and he is an easy kill.

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Tomcatter 503

Tomcatter 503


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Pinning this topic so that anyone new asking about the Aces of AC6 can look here.
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