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Mobius 1 Returns after 11 years of Operation Katina

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"Excuse me, General?"
"Yes Tom?"
"Did you get my proposal?"
"Oh? Hmm hmm, I didn't know you were even interested. I'm married, you know."
"About the new squadron. Very funny, General. The new squadron."
"No Tom, I didn't. I've been busy. My assistant gave it a look over and said it looked fine, so I just gave it the ol' John Hancock and sent it along."
"Well, I wanted to get your approval for the name."
"The name? Since when have the kids ever needed permission to give themselves a name?"
"Well, we're thinking of calling it Razgriz. The Razgriz Squadron."
"You're kidding."
"Well sir I'm not. We thought it would-"
"My boy, unless you thought it would signal to the rest of the world that we've written ourselves permission to go around bombing anyone we please completely extralegally, you thought wrong, because that's what you're doing. We're not in the vigilante business, Tom. That was then."
"S…sir, Razgriz are heroes. Ever since the records were unsealed-"
"-they're the heroes that saved Oured and brought back democracy. Patriots and heroes. National icons. I know…I know. And that's exactly why they're not someone whose name you just wear. Do you watch basketball, Tom?"
"They retire a man's jersey. I like that. I like that a lot. There will be no Razgriz Squadron."
"Yes sir."
"And…hell Tom, you ever seen a picture of their planes? Because I was there, I saw 'em, I saw 'em with my own eyes, and those all-black paint schemes? Make us look like some kind of punks. Well, we're not some kinda outfit of punks, Tom. I don't care if they're heroes, the man who came up with that idea is a goddamn traitor. Did the records say anything about that, Tom?"
"No sir."
"A goddamn traitor…well, you're dismissed. Maybe you can name them after another heroic squadron. Like Wizard."

Hahahahahahaha lmao
"Perrault's bald ass". How did he know?
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Skope Hogan

Skope Hogan

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