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Wing Blue

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Mr f-2

Mr f-2


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So this is a little something i'm writing to practice. Its an alternate history set in the 80s during a hypothetical WWWIII. It has some sci fi elements to be more Ace Combaty such as project orion and other odd cold war stuff but its no Red Alert. Its just kind of fun to write as a little hobby so I don't know if i'll go anywhere with it.




Wing Blue Draft


Gulf of Mexico




Major Alexandria Tsymbarevich, from the limited view of her Spacesuit like flight gear, could just make out the Texan coast bellow. Had it been that long since she left the tanker? She raised her hand and glanced at her watch, the time had really had passed, a lifetime in the controls of aircraft perhaps was to blame?

As she continued her mission Alexandria looked out the window of her heavily modified Mig-31. America, so much of her life revolved around it, but she knew really nothing of it first hand. From 60000 feet it looked little different from when she had seen it from Polyus in orbit “Pity.”

Time and thought continued to blend. What looked like the Tularosa basin came into view. She quickly activated her planes Camera which began to rapidly take high resolution pictures of the the target area and hopefully her target.

Two dots beeped to life on her radar. “Starfighters? The Sneaky Bastards” It would be profoundly ironic if the first Soviet infiltration of American airspace in decades was stopped by German fighters. The F-104 was a danger to her, but she had enough. She turned her aircraft and for a moment the world spun around her as she was violently tossed to the side. The Foxhounds afterburners activated in a few moments the plane was at Mach 3.2. The Major could only hope the engines would last until Havana.



Keyport New Jersey


The warm June sun turned the small bayshore town orange in the early evening. “So its all done with now?” Sabrina Kelly sat over the public library’s Apple II, looking over lines and lines of command. Her hands hovered over the keys, she was frozen for a moment of thought. She had never liked High School. From a young age she never really felt she fit in at school. By nature a quite reserved girl and more then bit odd, She always struggled to make friends on the occasions she wanted them.

“Brina?” She turned her head at the sound of the familiar voice. Standing in the door way, in his suit was a tall skinny boy with short black hair. “Sam?” She said just looking at him in surprise. “You weren’t at graduation?” His concern and confusion obvious. Sabrina collected herself for a moment “ugh– I didn’t want to, I hate that kind of thing.” Sam nodded, he was himself very shy and hadn’t really wanted to go either “My mom made me go.”

Both of them walked out of the Library. Sabrina didn’t exactly consider Sam a close friend, nor did she imagine he thought the same. They walked home together sometimes though. Coming from a family of Naval aviators, Sam shared one of her dearest loves, Aircraft and anything aviation. He was very shy, almost fearful of others. Sabrina was fellow introvert, He must have found her easy to be around, at least compared to others. Its suited her, she really only wanted friendship in small doses. Close acquaintanceship served them as a close friendship did for most people.

Across the street in the Catholic churches parking lot, some middle school kids where riding on bikes. One of them had an 8mm and was filming the others as they jumped off a wooden ramp. Sabrina looked at the boy as he recorded her and Sam. It had been so long since she was like them, she hated High school, but she was still unsure of the future. Sam broke the quite“So I got into the Naval Academy, I knew for a while but I haven't really had a chance to talk to you lately.” Sabrina’s eyes widened, he had always talked about joining the Navy, but actually hearing it caused her to have a brief knot in her chest. “Oh! Thats real good. I mean thats great! Be safe ok?” She paused for a second and thought of something better, maybe something a human might say. “I’m really happy for you, I know you wanted to go and its really hard to get in.” Sam grinned “Thanks, it was a lot easier though cause of my dad.” She smiled, hoping that doing something he always dreamed about would change him somehow, feel better about himself. In her heart though she couldn't help but worry Annapolis would be very hard on someone like him.

Sam was quite for a few minutes, Had Sabrina been paying better attention she might have noticed he was trying to say something but couldn't find the words. He kept glaring over at the short girl, trying to spit out what was on his mind. After what seemed like a while of silences he spat it out. “You ever think about joining the Navy too Brina? you love planes as much as anyone I know. They're letting the ladies do that sort of stuff now. Might be a good way to get into something aviation related.” Again he had her off guard, stunned, her face soured and she instinctively shook her head no. “No thanks the military isn’t my thing, I don’t think I could deal with that kind of life.” When she was younger when they first started talking about letting woman be pilots, she would occasionally entertain the thought. Back then she knew nothing of the strict life the Armed Forces had, only what she saw in movies. Vietnam was on the news everyday and her mother, always protective of her awkward daughter did everything she could to discourage her. Finding out the truth of ridged military life from a little reading was enough to make her never give it a meaningful consideration again. Brina smiled at Sam, “You know my mom she would freak!”

Across the street was a TV shop, in the windows was a very nice looking Sony TV with odd looking antenna. It was on and playing a news story, some kind of military parade. There was no sound but both of them could recognize the SS-20 missile launchers being paraded in some East German city. Both where aware that had cause a major shake up in East-West relations. Brina keep her mouth shut, Sam could get very fatalistic and negative, she hoped something would change the subject but her thoughts ran away from her and she was blank. Sam was silent, they walked by a play ground with some very young children and their parents. He looked at them for a second. It had probably been ten years since he was last on the play ground with his mother like that, he wasn't sure if his father had ever had the chance to take him. “You remember when we where kids and we used to play her?” Brina looked for a moment, “I remember you all being daring pilots fighting Godzilla and I had to be the nurse.” For a moment they where quite, then they burst out laughing, as if trying to maintain composure for a few seconds made it worse. It wasn't long before they where both red in the face trying to grasp on to a sign post or fire hydrant to stand up.

Sabrina smiled “Whelp once you graduate you better take charge at the Pentagon and set things strait for us ok? Sam chuckled and seemed a bit relieved, or as relieved as he ever got. “Alright Brina, you got it. I’m leaving in July to see the school, you want to see Moonraker at the drive in before that?” Brina was excited “YES! That looks good, did you see the space shuttle model? I'm really excited about it. The two walked off discussing the finer details of Bond movies and the Space shuttle before talking about the finer details of the US space program. On their last walk home together from school, for the first time considered each other close friends.




Inter German Border


The foggy mist of the early German morning reminded Corporal Scott Clark of his hunting days as a boy in rural North Carolina. As he jumped out of the 11th armored Calvary marked M151 to meet with the Bundegrenzshutz troops, his thoughts where on his old Blue skinned coonhound. “Wish you where with me now Jean, perfect morning for hunting.”

His commanding officer and the units translator talked with the German paramilitary police he looked into the distance to just make out the border of East Germany. In the distance he could hear what sounded like several jets taking off, but there was no runway nearby…



“Rocket City” New Mexico


A sky blue Dodge Aries drove threw the desert and to the heavily guarded gates of Rocket City, with no fuss it was allowed to pass. Sabrina Kelly drove around the parking lot looking for a pull threw. It would save her no effort, she would have to walk considerably more, but it would giver her a reason to not immediately go into the office and mentally brace herself for work, she also liked to walk a bit to wake herself up.


A short while later she was in the waiting room to see Brigadier General Robert Allen, Wing Blue's commander. She sat in her seat, legs restless and fidgety. She looked at the fake wood walls with pictures of aircraft that had at one time or another been deployed at the base. Some of the pictures where stunning and she tried to imagine how they could have taken them. A voice called out “Brina you can come in.” she walked into the Generals office. “Sorry to keep you waiting.” The General said as he put down a file he was looking at, “I didn't even know you where hear, I didn't see your car.” She looked at him “Oh the Pinto blew up.” “It blew up!?” The middle age man's eyes widened and it almost looked as if his grey hair would stand up. “Yea, well it burst into flames.” Brina said, matter of fact, trivially. His gaze was locked on her “Are you ok? What happened, did someone hit you?” “No no, I guess it just wasn't built for the desert.” “YEA! Yea I guess not! did you get a new car?” She smiled “Yea I got an Aries, a new one, I like it so far.””Good, Yea no more Pintos for you. If your car blows up more then the planes you test fly we have an issue.” He picked up the folder on his desk, next to a picture of a much younger Robert Allen getting an Air Force cross. “Your company will be turning over our little toy soon, Wing Blue will take the prototype September 1st and begin testing. However we are very impressed by the work you have done as main civilian test pilot to this date, if it wasn't for you this plane would be long gone and a lesser pilot with it.” Brina sat and thought back to all the near losses they had during the initial testing. It was to be expected the project used a number of cutting edge, and unproven, technologies. On more then one occasion she had to think quickly to save the plane. “Thank you sir.” “Yea well, I don't say things that are not true.” He leaned forward a bit, “I also don't toss around praise if I don't want someone to come work for me directly.” Brina looked at him. “Sir?” “Ms Kelly, this is going to be something no one has much experience with, I want you to stay with the project and help train the test pilots.” He said. “What exactly would my status be?” She said. “You would be one of the Engineers your company would assign to support the project, I can make a request, I just want to know if you have any interest first.” Brina thought to herself, She enjoyed the work she had done so far, and it was doubtful she would find anything as exciting as what she had been working on the last few months. “Alright sir, send the papers, it couldn't hurt, right?”

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