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Taking a close look at the RCL (Rocket Launcher)

Rocket Launcher RCL Weapon

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Yet another "Taking a close look at..." Topic, but, this time, it's about a weapon.

Lots of these AC games have a unguided rocket launcher weapon, that fires a ton of rockets "straight ahead-ish" and is commonly considered underpowered. But, it is my second favorite sp weapon (my favorite would be the MGP). A little note, most American aircraft in the games use Hydra 70 rocket launchers.

It is a great air-to-surface (anti-ship) weapon. Think about it, this thing basically fires 8-12 rockets (with the damage of a standard MSSL) at one small area, at the same time. This equates to very high power (comparable to a quick slash of the TLS) concentrated on a very small area. This is great against ships because they have very high armor and are usually very small. It spreads a lot more in some games, like AC04, and a lot less in other games, like ACX (where the rockets basically all strike the same spot), so your success may vary depending on the game. Anyway, say goodbye to those annoying Aegis cruisers!

Each rocket actually has a explosion radius. Even though the explosion is small (about the same as a LAGM explosion), it helps cover up the area between each rocket's impact point, so it still makes a decent air-to-ground weapon. This thing is much better than the UGB in my opinion, but a bit below the UGBL.

It can be used as a decent air-to-air weapon. In an air battle, the rocket launcher is unbeatable in a head-on attack, since rockets won't ever say "I love that flare", and the massive power of all those flying bricks. In any other occasion, it won't do too well, since your GUN and MSSL can easily do better, but a skilled pilot (coughFlyugercough) can probably git gud with it. However, in a helicopter dogfight, it will prove its worth, if you forgot your AAMs.
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Skope Hogan

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Is this another preach to the choir?


It is another preach to the choir.


Look, m9, we all know this stuff.

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You can have some success with the RCLs in ACX but takes some skill. If only they were like the RCLs in AC6

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