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Remixed playthrough featuring ACZ music

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Albino Ace

Albino Ace

    Wants an HD R-103 so bad.

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Howdy all,


Was kinda bored and had this idea in the works for a little while, decided to start uploading today.  It's an AC04 playthrough with ACZ music and the default F-15C paint (since its similar to Cipher's).  I'll be uploading one mission every Friday, starting today.


Here's Sitting Duck, along with its posted video description (thought I'd try a little something different; fanfiction if nothing else).  Enjoy!



"Nah, haven't flown a fighter jet during this war.  But, rumor has it my former wingman Cipher did.  Same paint job he had from the 66th...

Ironic enough, his flight time began much like how we first flew; shooting down bombers as the Allied Forces' last hope..."


[Feb 14th edit]


Editing for the sake of not double-posting, here's Imminent Threat.  Enjoy.



"Of course, being the top dog he was, the bombers were the ones with no hope.  From what I've heard, his next sortie soon after was to head where the downed squad came from and finish 'em off at their home..."


[Feb 21st edit]


Northern Eye:



"With the bombers gone, people had faith restored.  But my buddy wasn't done; as if stopping the bombers wasn't defiant enough, he went and hit the enemy right in their eyes, helped cover some troop movement..."


[Feb 28th edit]





"Jammers?  Heh, jammers were no trouble for Cipher. We dealt with them almost every other sortie back in the Belkan War, the kind that fought back too.  It was the cargo onboard the transports that had the Allied Forces worried..."


[Mar 7th edit]





"Rumor had it those transports had supplies for an already well-supplied fleet.  Rumor also had it that an elite squad of pilots were sent to where my buddy flew next, since he was sent in to choke the fleet's fuel.  Far as I know, it's been almost a decade since he was in a dogfight like that.  

Not that he let some rust stop him, though...bought as much time for his fleeing comrades as he could..."


[Mar 14th edit]


Invincible Fleet:



"After a skirmish like that, he was ready for some payback, I'm sure. Then news came that the Aegir fleet was immobilized at harbor from the supply cut-off.  Jump at the opportunity?  You can bet he did..."


[Mar 21st edit]


Deep Strike:



"Word was that after stopping the fleet, he was sent to take out another power source for the enemy.  Heard he was more reserved here, though: left most of the solar panel array untouched.  Maybe he thought the world had too little reliable solar power already...maybe the sunset distracted him...maybe he was saving ammo due to a hunch..."


[Mar 28th edit]


Shattered Skies:



"Ah, the rocket launch before the Allied Forces' invasion...buddy could've used a vacation, that's for sure.  Of course, that's not why he was called to fly over some tropical islands.  No no, they let him take part in a massive furball, maybe even bigger than at the Round Table.  Heh, that was fun enough for him, especially if a certain team were to show up..."


[Apr 4th edit]


Operation Bunker Shot:



"With the successful launch enough of a holiday gift for us, the new year's resolution was to invade the mainland and show the enemy we meant business.  Rain or shine...rain, from what I heard.  At least it wasn't for some "nuclear inspection" this time..."


[Apr 11th edit]


Tango Line:



"I remember a fellow soldier telling me about Istas Fortress; the lush mountain range looked too peaceful to be a highly defensive line.  Reminds me of that one mission I flew with Cipher...I can only hope he wasn't attacked like we were on that day..."


[Apr 18th edit]





"The moment the Allied Forces had a chance to get some intel on the railguns that caused this war, Erusean scum came in like flies swarming feces...Didn't matter to them that they were airliners with civilians on board.  Thankfully for the airliners, buddy wasn't far..."


[Apr 25th edit]


Stonehenge Offensive:



"Thanks to intel from the folks Cipher saved, the Allies finally had Stonehenge in grasp.  Of course, buddy wasn't scared: he had pulled the sword from the stone, after all.  Turned the circular site into a Round Table of his own..."


[May 2nd edit]


Safe Return:



"Funny story about the Leopard spy plane: supposed to be this all-seeing eye in the sky, yet he couldn't see through some foggy mountains to get home.  Yet buddy flew through just fine and took out the radar jammers like clockwork.  That's Cipher for ya..."


[May 9th edit]


Breaking Arrows:



"Seeing a single Tomahawk come down on Hoffnung was upsetting enough: rumor had it more than a dozen were cruising in from the north coast.  Erusean scum were as cold as the arctic those missiles came from..."


[May 16th edit]





"The emancipation of San Salvacion...that was a good night.  Just as the physical blackout ended, so did the political and military one.  Reminded me of Directus. Hear that buddy?  That's where we come in..."


[May 23rd edit]


Whiskey Corridor:



"With the enemy running low on defensive lines and strongholds, troop morale was higher than ever.  The Ribbon, as everybody was calling buddy now, had certainly struck fear into the enemies' hearts.  Just did what he had to, just like any soldier, no matter how hot or sandy the battlefield was..."


[May 30th edit]


Siege of Farbanti



"Siege of Farbanti, the alleged final battle.  Bravo squad showed their stuff that day, that's for sure...Cipher too.  This was no Lumen, though; no treaties or signatures came during the battle, only after.  Buddy had a score to settle first.  Not sure about what remained of the enemy, but he certainly had a reason to fight..."


[June 6th and final edit]



"With Farbanti under siege, the war was supposed to be over.  Of course, some folks just didn't want to give up.  I know what that's like...and I know buddy knew how to deal with them...

Still alive?  I'm sure he is..."

Edited by Albino Ace, 06 June 2014 - 02:22 PM.