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/mu/ IRC Chatlog 10.07.2010

ahahaha fuck

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Nemo KB

Nemo KB


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/*irc channel #103895*/

/*name: mu*/

/*users in channel: 25*/

Welcome to the /mu/ IRC room!


<xsandorz> not today

<xsandorz> i called in sick

<jumangee> ha

<kraftwreckd> But why wouldn't you want that shhit on CD anyway?

<skippermissile> >buying CDs

<xsandorz> because

<skippermissile> >2010

<xsandorz> i don't trust the erussie rippers to do a proper encode

<skppermissile> It's not like Napster anymore, bunch of sticks. You're not gonna hear the difference anyway.

<phazlite> C_C

<skippermissile>Are you kidding me? This gayass channel has a filter?

<phazlite> Are you gonna really do this same fucking argument?

/*user entered channel: chopper*/

<skippermissile> fаggоt

<jumangee> Sup

<skippermissile> There, Cyrillic works. Thank god for the Yukes.

<chopper> ??

<chopper> You guys, I swear.

<kraftwreckd> Dem yukes

<xsandorz> hey chopper

<chopper> Anyway, I got The Coin today. Vinyl sweet vinyl.

<kraftreckd> Sweet

<chopper> >inb4 entry level

<acolyte_of_moe> Pleb~

<acolyte_of_moe> How is it~?

<chopper> Best single I've heard all year. They really knocked it out.

<phazlite> Face side best side

<chopper> It's nice to come back from a long mission and have this waiting. I had no idea if it'd even be delivered to the right place, we've been moving around so much.

<jumangee> How are thiings?

/*user entered channel: dancingbird*/

<chopper> Can't say. My base commander needs to take a load off about this stuff, man.

<dancingbird> Hello.

<chopper> I'm surprised he hasn't already chewed me out at me about being on an IRC. They monitor our usage, you know.

<jumangee> Hey.

<chopper> But it's a really good record. You can't beat rock n' roll, man.

<dancingbird> What is?

<skippermissile> >dad rock

<chopper> The Coin.

<skippermissile> >>>out

<dancingbird> Ah, I see. I used to listen to music all the time with my lover all the time after missions...

<chopper> You were a pilot?

<dancingbird> ...but that was a long time ago.

<dancingbird> Yes.

<chopper> The Belkan war?

<chopper> Ah violence, you never do go away for long, do you?

<dancingbird> No, friend. It does not.

<xsandorz> arent you both supposed to be soldiers?

<xsandorz> ffs

<chopper> Hey, show some respect, man.

<xsandorz> the yukes want us dead tho

<dancingbird> Yuktobania are our brothers

<dancingbird> You are the reason the world is so messed up>

<chopper> Well, I wouldn't go quite that far.

<dancingbird> And that is why we joined A World With No Boundaries.

<chopper> Wait what

<dancingbird> And why my lover died. I guess he died in vain.

<chopper> A what with no what?

<phazlite> wat

<acolyte_of_moe> >terrorist in channel

<acolyte_of_moe> Well at leats its better than crossboarders, right~?

<dancingbird> It was a long time ago. I only followed the passion of my lover.

<dancingbird> It was he who wanted to cleanse the land and start anew.

<dancingbird> I only have his memories now.

<dancingbird> Isn't that only righteous?

<dancingbird> But back on the subject of the album

/*user was kicked from channel: dancingbird*/

<kraftwreckd> Anyway

<kraftwreckd> Glad to here your dad rock is good chopper lol

<chopper> I need to stop coming here.

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Are they all suppose to be characters from the series? chopper is obviously Chopper, and dancingbird sounds like Espada 2.

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Nemo KB

Nemo KB


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Those are the only two.

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This is beautiful.

God bless you, son.
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Necro, but you should do more of these. Would love working with you on it.

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