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The official topic of Biscuits' short stories, whatever they may be

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So yeah, I'm still writing that space cop story, and I guess you could place this short thing as in the same universe.  I've been toying around with the idea of putting it in the main story myself, but tell me what you think.


A Bitter Reunion
27 November, 2243
United Federation Titan-Class Dreadnought Hyperion
        Their weapons snapped up almost simultaneously.  The subtle click of their safeties as deafening as thunder in the silent room, Chris looked at the other figure and uttered a single word.
        The other figure instantly recognized his voice with a gasp.
        “C-Chris?  N-no, this is wrong, you shouldn’t be here.”
        “All I want to know is why; if you have reasons, tell me, we don’t have to fight.”
        “...I'm sorry. I... I have no choice but to do this. “
        “Chris. I... had a dream. It was short... but it was a nice dream.  You and I... Both of us became full-fledged Officers... We saved many people, received many thanks... And then, the two of us... Chris... I... I'm sorry... I'm talking nonsense. There's no going back for me.”
        Chris shook his head.  “I don’t accept that, you’re better than this Cassandra.”
        He looked at her, and was filled with pity.  She was shaking down to her bones, gun trembling in her hands.  He didn’t want to do this as much as her, but he had to, it was his only chance.  He thought back to the SRT troopers just outside, if they went in, she would most certainly die.
        “Chris... There's nothing left for us to say. We’re enemies... You have to fight me.  If you don't, I'll kill you...”
        “Cassandra!  Listen to me!”
        “Chris... Why?  Why won’t you fight...? You must know that you'll die if you don't kill me... And yet, why do you hesitate...?”
        “Because I could never do that.”
        She remained silent.
        “You haven’t forgotten?  Our days at the academy, when we met Rallen, and everyone else?”
        She did remember, in fact, she could never forget those times.  
When she first met him.
        “So, you’re name’s Chris, right?  Then I guess you’re here for the same reason as me?  I want to become an officer, and serve the federation!”
        When they sparred together in the ring.
        “You… you won, I’m not surprised, seeing as how weak I am.”
        “Don’t say that, everybody’s strong.”
        “Oh, thank you, that means a lot, coming from you.”
        When they graduated.
        “I... I'd like be a part of the Star Patrol, if you're in with me.. Together, we'd be an unstoppable team... When I imagine a future like that. ...Um, what about you, Chris? Do you, feel the same?”
        She shook her head free of those thoughts and steadied her gun.
        “That was... That was all... a lie. Everything I did was to deceive you... It was all just a ruse... The truth is... I don't care about you...”
        “Bullshit, if that’s the case, then why are you crying?”
        Shocked, she reached up to her face; she stared at her glove, wet from tears.
        “...I'm... not... “
        “Cassandra, you don’t have to do this.  If you just come with me, I’m sure we can work something out.”
        “It's... too late for that. I've committed too many unforgivable sins...   After what I did to your friends… to you, no, no I could never go back.”
        “Then you’ll just have to atone for them.  You’ll probably have it tough, nobody will trust you, but you should know that I will, if that means anything.”
        “I am a puppet... I exist only to serve... My life has no value...”
        “No dammit!  Don’t say that!”
        Cassandra raised her gun in resolve, and aimed it straight at him.
        “I guess I’ll atone for my sins with death.”
        The crack was sharp; Chris hit the floor, pain blossoming throughout his chest.  The door exploded, and the SRT troopers stormed through.  There was a short burst of fire, and then silence.  
        Chris sat up and ripped his jacket open, the body armor had done its job.  He leapt up, adrenaline forcing him ahead, and he kneeled beside her.
        “Cassandra… No…”
        She looked up at him, and smiled.
        “Thank... you... ... Now I... won't have to hurt those I care about... anymore... Chris... I'm... glad I could meet you... I… I… I lo…”
        With her last breath, she tried her hardest to say those words, but her body refused.  The fringes of dark were growing, and she knew this was the end.  All that was left was to die.
        Chris held her close to his chest, injuries be dammed.  He wished for nothing other than for her to wake up, but he knew that would never happen.  It couldn’t happen.  He ran his fingers through her hair, and carefully laid her body back down on the floor.

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