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"PC, Pret."

"Equipe 1: GO."

A group of men, advance stealthly from shadows to shadows. They are in heavy rag clothes, turbans covering their faces and with bags over shoulders. Five of them, crossing a dusty and deserted street. They are visibly heavy with gear hidden below the clothes.

"2. Pas de civiles. Continuez."

They move forward into an alley. Burned out cars and aged propaganda posters line the side of houses. Some buildings start to light up in the city.

"Depechez-vous, equipes. Only 28 minutes before morning prayers."

A loud explosion rocks the town.

"PC, qu'est ce que c'etait?"

"Confirmation, equipe 2?"

"Ici 2. Smoke plumes over the Southeast of town. Far. No direct visual on incident."

"A bomb attack on state positions. No interest to us. Continuez 1."


The group move on. After a minute they reach the back of a store, force the backdoor open and everyone enters.

"PC, en position. Target building in view. Low, very low amount of guards visible. But the building's a real fortress, there sure are more inside."

"Continuez as planned, 1. Get ready."

The group takes out weaponry from under their rags. Modified AK-112, jet black, with modern sights and suppressor attachments. Some reveal pistols to thighs and further gear around waists.

"Enlevez mes turbans. Mettez les fausses insignes."

Under turbans are full grown beards, hard physiques, and the new Green patches on the arms, read " Armed Forces of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya" in Arabic.

The men now exit the store. Facades are still closed, most of the city is still sleeping.

"Vers la facade Est!"

The group takes cover under a covered bus stop, right next to the wall of the target. One searches and find a pre dug hole, covered in dirt and sand.

"PC, our collaborateurs have done a great work."

They crawl under, and enter the fortress. A massive stone, concrete and marble palace, ornamented with a great luxuriant oriental garden and fountains. Dictators' monuments to their vanities.

"Les gardes ne nous ont pas reperes. Allez a l'entree parallele! Discrets!"

Quickly moving across the garden, they reach a side door in an instant.

"Netoyage! Dans, 3, 2, .."

One man discreetly opens the door, while the rest rush in. The two guards sitting, drinking jasmine tea, in the exposed corridor, are put down in a wave of precision steel death.

"1, find the basement access. It should be 2 corridors further down. Avoid cameras. Destroy or bypass if needed."

The group penetrates the building. Cautious to check every corners of rooms before moving on. A few more guards are taken down along the way, but they are mostly alone in .

"Stairs! Go in in a file, watch the front and rear! We don't want an ambush down there!"

"Level -(minus) 6 should be the archives."

They now descend into the dark meanders of the Palace lower levels. It is a complex maze of tunnels and galleries. Some are rumored to have exits out of the city. Not knowing of the way, one could very easily get lost down there. They reach -6.

"PC, -6 reads 'Storage' in Arabic."

"Damn... From our plans, this is named 'Archive'. Give us a minute, équipes.

"... *faint voices*

"*quietly* The building plans date from when this place was built, over 40 years ago! They might have completely changed the dispositions of rooms and the make up of the tunneling system, for all we know!

"*idem* And what do you propose? We can't stop this op now that we are so deep in it!

"*idem* We have no idea where our men might be thrown into! We don't even know if its booby trapped in there!

"*further arguing* ..."

"We are not going to sit here idle, equipe! Michel, you have the optical wire right? Edd, you have maps? Verifiez!"

"Sure, chef."

The two men execute the orders. They cross check the maps and what they can observe.

"Chef, it seems to correlate!"

"PC, we are heading in! We are proceeding with the mission!"

"Er, what? Wait! Don't do this!


The group now continues as cautiously as they ever did. Slowly moving, without making a noise. They give quick anxious glances at the closed doors on the sides. Whats written on them don't match with plans and imply somekind of storage, but they are mysteriously nondescript.

"Room 3. Room 5. Room 7... Chambres de quoi?"

"Abdel, shhh! I hear voices, chef!"

'Main storage' the door reads.

"Get ready to breach and clear!"

They stack up at the door. Kick it open and ..



Huge, numerous, cages line up the room. A sizable room. About a dozen or so women, are the cages. Most of them have Eastern European looks, but there is also Orientals, Africans and Asians. The women, wearing bikinis, have only sheets and toilets for them in the cages.

"PC, we have hostages... Ou, des kidnappees?"

The women obviously scared by the sudden appearance of the men, now seem to grow happy at hearing the men's French.

"1, we can't take care of hostages. It is 0358, the morning prayers will blow your cover... But if you think you handle it, then take them with you, but we don't recommend it!"

"Roger. Max, Abdel, take them out of these cages, dress 'em and see they get out of the complex safely!"

"Yes, chef!"

"Edd, Michel, you're with me!"

The trio exits the cage room and continue down the corridor, searching for the archive. Until they reach the last door. No doors along the path were ever marked 'Archive', but this last one is named 'Main Room'.


They enter. It is a grand bedroom with extravagant decoration: A golden heart shaped bed. Silk linens. Tiger, lion and zebra fur carpets. Collections paintings. Century old looking furniture. Shelves full of diverse pricey alcohols. A huge 15" flat screen TV and various more pricey electronic equipments.

"This place is no bunker... C'est un harem.."

"La ferme! Search the room for intel!"

They look around for brief moments. Michel finds cardboard boxes, with all the Playboy magazines since the 70's first release. Edd finds dozens of videos cassettes in piles in one corner of the room, named after women and with dates. The chef finds things in the bedside drawers, that he would rather forget... Pulling from a shelf the only book in the room, a green holy Quran, Edd hears something move. A door was revealed behind the grand bed.

"PC, on y est!"

"Great job, 1. But its already past 0400. Hurry guys!"

Lines upon lines of steel locked deposit boxes are stored further ahead.

"They seem in alphabetical order. Look for 'S' boxes."

Michel finds the right box, it is not locked. He pulls out a file. The name matches the target. The team all look each other in the eyes, bewildered.

"Humm, chef! Je crois qu-"

A great tremor shakes the tunnels.

"ICI 2! We have a massive explosion right outside the palace! Firefights are erupting all around the city... And- OH DIEU! Huge numbers of Rebels and gov' forces are converging right towards you!"

"Equipes 1-2, ici PC. Credible evidence from rebel insiders and NATO sources seem to suggest... Its disparate info but, there has been a dramatic change of situation. Plan B. Forget the target. You have no time to retrieve it anymore! Plant C4 and termite all over the archives, and get out of there!"

"Oui, PC. Michel, you heard it. Put it back... We have to go!"

A sad Michel complies with the orders. The men plants C4 all over the deposit boxes, ensuring the paper that could have toppled the presidency to be turned into buried ashes. And they run back towards the stairs and ascend into the palace above.

"Chef, the women are secured. But we can't get back to you! Its chaos out there!"

The Chef peeks out of the stairwell. A great number of troops are right outside, preparing defensive positions while even more troops gather in the building. One of the soldier's armband read: "32nd Brigade". The elite tank guard brigade, led by one of Colonel Gaddafi's sons, is defending this Palace. The group would never get past these soldiers...

"Merde, Chef! The whole force is going to fall on us!"

"Je sais, Abdel. But we will have to fight our way out..."

"No. This is PC, 1-2 stay put. High Command believes the main Rebel assault on Tripoli is now beginning. I repeat, 1,2 stay put and don't move."

"3 and AIR, do you read?"

"Yes PC. We are in position and ready for orders."

"3, detonate and attract the Rebels toward you to cover 1's escape!"

As PC says it, a massive explosion reverberate through the concrete of the Palace. The whole front of the Palace has been reduced to rubble. And then, as a massive firefight erupts in the gardens along the main entry way, the bulk of the troops in the Palace move away from the group.

"Air, you will have to shut down the main access ways to Tripoli center and Palace area! 2, will laze targets for you. But Air, remember: Danger Close. Heard that 2?"

"Oui, PC!"

"1, now you can move it!"

"Yes, PC!!"

The group rushes back to the side entrance. Slipping away, in the back of the elite soldiers preoccupied by the front yard combats, thanks to team 3. Going back through the garden and onto the dusty streets. Fighting can still be seen, but its far enough now for them to escape. But as they turn their backs to war, they come face to face with a tank. One of the 32nd's elite T-72s.
It had its turret facing the wrong direction, away from them, but it was slowly rotating towards them. Suddenly a many great screeches deafens the streets, and the tank was exploded into a great fireball.

"Look Chef! Des Rafales!"

"I've never been so happy to see them, Michel!"

"Hey Chef, par la! These alleys are clear. Extraction point is only 3 kilometers away. We can get there in 10 minutes, long before the bulk of the rebel motor army can reach Tripoli.

"Good to see you, Abdel! We will have to thank equipe 3 and those pilots. They saved our asses!"

"Equipes 1-2. Come home safely. We've got good news for you."



'Muammar Gaddafi killed as Hometown Sirte falls' - Aljazeera 21/10/2011 08:54 AM

'French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Qaddafi's death a milestone in the Libyan people's battle "to free themselves from the dictatorial and violent regime that was imposed on them for more than 40 years.".' - CBS/AP 20/10/2011 3:27 PM


'Probe launched into alleged Gaddafi funding of Sarkozy campaign. The judicial inquiry is being carried out by French prosecutors who are looking into whether the 2006/07 campaign received more than 50 million euros from Gaddafi. The probe stems from claims by Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine, who says he has written proof that money was given by Gaddafi.
When interviewed by euronews two years ago, Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, claimed he had proof that Libya financed Sarkozy’s election campaign and that he was ready to publish bank documents. He even went as far as to ask for the money back. Sarkozy has denied receiving any cash from the Libyan regime.' - Euronews 20/04/2013 09:05 CET



Inspired by real events, political hearsay, press speculations, in progress investigations and public opinion. Imagined and written in ferries, trains and at the beach. Thank you for reading. Opinion is appreciated.

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