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The Staff Agreement

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By joining the Moderator/Administrative staff of AceCombatSkies.com, you hereby agree to the following:

The Moderating position is above the ideals of personal allegiance to "squadron politics" and discussion and action involving such.

The Moderating position is a post that requires the individual to lead by example. Moderators are to conduct themselves with utmost due diligence in any action that requires them. To lead by example is to remove oneself from the situation, as to keep themselves clear and confident in action that they might take.

The Moderating position is to used fairly, in a manner that ensures that no user is abused or slighted. To be a moderator is to refrain from harsh countermeasures, rather, moderators are to moderate a situation. To be a moderator is to be willing to put up with the harassment, anger and contempt in an effort to keep this website a better place for everyone.

The Moderator is to be an effective leader of this website. It is our job to ensure that activity is upheld, that new users feel welcome and that those that maintain a presence feel that they are appreciated. Moderators will work as diligently as possible to maintain an active, healthy and enjoyable website.

The Moderator is to ensure that situations do not become unbearable to the website as a whole. The moderator is to use their powers for an effective, decisive and fair way, so that problems are handled swiftly, but fairly.

The Moderating Team is to be active, able and willing to do the job required. The team has signed on to work with one another. Moderators will refrain from personal squabbling and petty insecurities. The Moderating Team must be a cohesive unit, able to work towards the common goal of ensuring that AceCombatSkies.com is a website that truly distinguishes the Ace Combat community.

The Moderating Team is to ensure that internal Moderator rules are followed, that reports are filed, that all actions are logged. The Moderating Staff will ensure that all actions taken are coincided by proper evidence and that the rest of the staff is fully aware of any problems that might be occurring within the forum.

The Moderators and the Admins are not above the users. Though they are entrusted to run the website with proper diligence, they are not to take their abilities to a level that infringes upon the general userbase. The Moderating Team is not above the rules, and should that trust be broken, that admin or mod will be removed.

Lastly, the Moderating Team is here for this website. It is a voluntary job, one that takes time each day, to ensure that this website is not overrun by shenanigans, hoodlums and problems that would cause undo stress towards the general userbase. To be a moderator, is to be active, aware and able.

So, by posting here, you state:

"I, the undersigned, do hereby agree with and will enforce and follow the rules set forth on this site. I agree that what the administrator says is final is final, and I also agree to not abuse my power, abuse others, or abuse the power that the administration panel (for those of you who can use it) wields.

"I, the undersigned, do herewith and henceforth, while fulfilling all of my moderator duties, drop all biases and recognitions I have to any 3rd party (defined as not run by ACS.com, although it can be recognized and sanctioned).

"I, the undersigned, do herewith agree to these terms, this [INSERT DAY HERE, DAY of WEEK, MONTH, DAY, YEAR]."

Please quote and include in your official sanctioning post.
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