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ACS Squadron Policy

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ACS will no longer be involved in settling squadron affairs.

Several rules were put into place quite a while ago to regulate squadrons in ACS. Many of you know of the rule that in order to have a squadron folder on ACS, the squadron must have at least certain number of active ACS members. Then there are the rules that prevent squadron infidelity, and that seems to be one of the problem areas.

There were two rules that I remember: You can not recruit members that are in another squadron, and you can not be a member of more than one squadron at a time. At the time, these rules seem to have worked. However, because squadrons have moved their activities to off-site forums, a lot of squadron communication occurs outside ACS. We can't regulate squadron activity that happens beyond ACS, so the above rules can not apply.

Therefore, we're dropping these rules. They have loopholes the size of the moon. Exploiting them is as simple as "Hey, I see memberA is part of squadronA. He's such a good player, and a pretty cool dude, though, so I'll just convince him to switch to my squadron through IM". That said, those loopholes have been exploited by major ACS squadrons since. You also have the squadrons who don't have a presence here that do as they wish, because the ACS-only rules can't apply to them.

So squadron leaders and officers, you have to look after your own members. I've said once to another member, and I'll repeat it here: "In the end, it's always up to the member if he wants to leave. A member won't leave if he feels that he enjoys being a member."

About squadron drama, ACS is not going to help you settle them. The ACS mods will do their job as ACS mods, regardless of their squadron affiliation. That is to say, if squadronA and squadronB are causing drama on the boards, breaking ACS rules, and modA is affiliated with one of the two squadrons, he can not use his mod abilities in favour of his affiliated squadron. Problem solving is a key skill in the real world, and for a good leader. It is up to both squadrons to settle their own disputes.

Hmm. Yes, I suppose this is about all for now. Before you jump the gun, yes, I know this isn't a big problem on ACS, especially not right now. But when it does, it seems some members like to plague us to get involved and mod in favour of them. It's pretty funny when both sides resort to the same tactic, though. Well, if I can recall anything else, I'll just tack it on in an edit.
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