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ACS Rules Of Engagement

This topic is to define the Rules of engagement for ALL Hostile actions on the AceCombatSkies[dot]com forums.

Any and all Inter-Squadron Competitons, Challenges, Tournaments, Wars and Campaigns will be posted in this folder.

Challenges: Challenges are defined as individual or multi-player engagements where one party from one Squadron challenges another party from a different Squadron to perform a single, or multiple missions to achieve the stated objective. 

Competitions: A Competition and A Tournament are pretty much defined in the same fashion: These are multi-player, multi-mission engagements that have pre-defined rules that are set by the organizing member or members. These rules define the number of missions, the objectives and goals of each mission and the victory requirements. The also define the participation requirements as to whether it's Squadron, or individual teams

Wars and Campaigns: These are defined as Hostile engagements between one or more Squadrons or wings. These engagements can last for an extended period of time. A Battle can be initiated by either side and the Victory/Defeat requirements are defined by the challenging side....

Battles: These are single or multi mission challenges that are made during a War or Campaign. The Challenging Squadron defines the requirements for victory/Defeat. Winner of each battle defines the requirements for the next mission. For ACZ missions, the particular path (Merc, Soldier, Knight) must be deifned due to different high scores for each mission.

Additional Requirements: Unless otherwise stated, the following aircraft are not permitted for any engagements on this forum:

X-02 Wyvern

For all Competition and Tournaments with regards to AC4, AC5, and ACZ, Screenshots will be required for score and time verification. Anyone that does not submit these by the specified deadline will forefeit and will be removed from the competition.




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