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Forum Rules

Posting on ACS.com:

General Rule to Post By: Treat others like you would like to be treated. It is a simple concept. We know people get heated in gaming bravado and we will tolerate those actions, but if it gets excessive, we will have problems

Keep posts informative / useful: Posting with the sole intent to increase your post count is a waste of everyone's time. Please do not do it.

Sub-forums: There are many sub-forums that have been designed to help organize this website. Changes to these sub-forums is an ongoing process. Please try to make your threads in the appropriate sections. This will help to keep the website organized and will promote traffic to all of the areas. If stuff gets out of line, it will not represent too much an issue unless the process is ongoing.

General Disagreements: Lets face it, debates and disagreements are a part of everyday life. Online forums / websites are no exception to this rule. The nice thing about a forum is that if you do not like the discussion, or your feelings are being hurt, then you have the choice to leave the thread and move on. If you are able to make this decision and carry this out, your enjoyment of ACS will most assuredly increase!

Hate Speech: If you so much as make a racist comment towards another member, you will be banned. Appeals can be made, and forum conduct will be considered, but until such time after a formal appeal from a deliberation of administration, straight up ban.

Negatively Posting (aka Bashing): Excessive bashing based on race, sex, sexual preferences, etc. will not be tolerated. Bashing of ACS members will not be tolerated. Competitive smack talk is fine, so long as it is kept at a reasonable level. What is reasonable / excessive is, again, up to interpretation by staff of ACS. It should be clear to a majority of ACS members, that a person is repeatedly and excessively bashing another member by the time that ACS staff become involved and has to provide disciplinary action. This will usually be brought to the attention of the poster by a staff member in the form of a PM warning. If the behavior continues, then disciplinary action will be taken.

Usage of the ACS Forums:

Announcements / Stickies: Read them for each section. Specific rules for each subforum will be located in these threads at the top of each section. Failure to read / understand these subforum specific rules, is not an excuse for breaking them. If the rules are unclear, please PM a moderator or admin about them for clarification.

Account / Computer Usage: You are responsible for your account and should be the only person to ever sign on with it. Usage of another person’s user name / account is strictly prohibited. This also extends to your computer / IP address. Choose who uses your computer / IP address carefully. If they are found to be in violation of the rules in a severe enough manner to warrant an IP ban, you will be banned from ACS as well.

Avatars / Signatures: must not contain inappropriate and/or offensive content. Signatures must be limited to text and/or small images and may not include embedded videos. Animated .gifs are permitted, but may not exceed 2mb in size. These are subject to removal without warning, at any time, as deemed necessary by ACS staff. If they are replaced, disciplinary action will be taken. We don't really have limits, but if they are too big, at our discretion, we will remove the signature and then ask you to resize. Sig sizes are not strictly (?) enforced and Avatar settings are automatically re-rendered. We do ask that signatures are not to have wallpaper images, and do not stretch the page horizontally when viewed at 1024*768 resolution.

Offsite Representation: If you represent another forum, webcomic or other For-Profit organization, we ask that you contact administration for permission to post your links. Sponsorship is open of course, but single lines of text in sigs are allowed.

Private Messages (PM): In general, private messages should remain private. It betrays the confidence of others, when you publicly post their private correspondence to you. An obvious exception to this would be when someone is violating the general rules of posting. Then their PM(s) should be forwarded to an ACS staff member.

Alternate Accounts: Alternate Accounts are not allowed. If you create an alternate account because you have forgotten your old password or log in name, the admin will change it and email the log in information to the email address used to register the respective account.

Forum Invasions: Do not use ACS to formulate your plans to invade, annoy, or cause any harm to websites / forums. If we find out a plan is set towards this forum, there will be immediate perma-bans.

Illegal Software / Programs / Files: Simply put, no warez. Do not discuss illegally obtaining any copyrighted materials. This includes, but is not limited to: programs, CD-keys, key generators, cracks, or music files (.mp3, .wav, etc). Do not post any links, or even discuss ways to obtain these copyrighted works.

Attempts to Circumvent Rules: Please note that these are the general guidelines, but are not an all inclusive set of rules. This is intentional on our part, as we do not want a rigid set of rules that every post must be governed by. These rules are flexible. This is done with the best interests of the posters in mind. So please try to focus on following all of the above guidelines, as opposed to finding ways around them.

ACS Staff: The admins and moderators of ACS are here to help keep the forums running as smoothly as possible. We all donate our time to this website, because we enjoy it and feel that we have something to offer in an attempt to improve it. If an admin or moderator asks you to do something, please comply with their request. If you do not agree with what they are asking, please do as they ask and then contact another moderator or admin, in an attempt to obtain resolution to your complaint(s) or issue(s).

Please note that any moderator or admin of ACS has the right to move, merge, split, edit or delete any thread / post / signature / avatar that they deem necessary. Do NOT attempt to retaliate against an admin or moderator by making threads about it with negative comments about them or what they have done. If any user has a problem with an action taken by the staff, please direct all complaints to an admin and give them time to attempt to find a solution to the problem.

Disciplinary Action: For the sake of the forums, immediate action will be taken at the discretion of the administrator or moderator. Severe action will be deliberated, and a sufficient reason will be given to the complainant. Action is at the discretion of the admin or mod. Each has been chosen because of proven ability to abide and respect the Mod Agreement.

Guidelines for Disciplinary Actions: The actions of a user are subject to disciplinary action within these forums. A member is responsible for what they say and what they do. Moderators and Admins will provide disciplinary action at their discretion.

Member Expectations towards Admins/Mods: Members are more than welcome to provide complaints to the staff. We are here to try and make this forum a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. What that does not mean, is that members may threaten, harass or otherwise engage in flaming/bashing for the sake of making a point.

Usage of ACS by Individual Squadrons: For Squadron Specific Rules, Please Refer to the Squadron Forum Rules Thread.

Remember, Membership is a privilege, not a right.