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Announcement: Claims of Military Service Posted by Green Giant

Green Giant

    Yellow Squadron Commander

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  • Squad:Aquila Wing/Yellow Squadron
  • Plane:EF2000 Typhoon
To all Current and new members.

We have had several new members join ACS and make false claims and statements with regards to being members of the military. Some have even claimed to be pilots. Making such claims is not only an outright lie, but at the same time shows disrespect for current and former members of the Armed Forces.

I for one have served in the military, and I take these issues very personally because, unless you have experienced military life, you don't know what it's all about.

So therefore, I am asking that if any of you consider lying about your military service just to make an impression, don't. You WILL be found out, and it will only hurt your credibility and your reputation in the eyes of every member of this forum and the Ace Combat community.


Please do not send PM's to add your name to this list. These people are all part of the Admin/Moderation Team that support this policy.

-Note from Sinner101GR: This policy is back in enforcement. You lie about your service or if you outright pose you will be banned from ACS.