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#838983 PSA: High Scoring Matches, The ACI Community, and You

Posted by Valk on 10 June 2014 - 02:40 AM

Or, "How to Lose Players and Alienate Rookies."


After doing a bit of thinking, I came to the conclusion that I need to make a preemptive warning about pubstomping for the sake of posting high scores in the score sharing thread, which I'm worried will become popular given the AC community's tendency to stroke its own ego at any cost. I'm not talking about going into these rooms and pulling scores in the 50,000-60,000 range, but more specifically 70,000 or 80,000+ in a single mission (especially if no thought was given to the mission clear rank and you manage to still pull a B or something). Here's an example:




You should not be getting these scores. Notice how only two other people broke 20K points, and we still only got an A rank despite my "one man air force" antics in a level 9 Strike Eagle? There's a reason for that. I joined this room because it was the only one on Room Search, and the only reason it showed up was because the host put matching rate to no restrictions. The host's matching rate was something around 1470, and everyone but the guy who hit 40K on the other team was under 1700. For comparison, I was at about 1900 at the time I played this match. 


Everyone on both teams was flying mid-tier planes. The most advanced plane on the field besides my Mudhen was an A-10, flown by Alpha team's MVP. I completely outclassed everyone in this room, but ACI's matching system (and a lack of documentation about what matching rate and matching range means) threw a shark in their goldfish pond anyway. 


I disconnected after this match. I felt like a fucking scumbag for doing that to them. Their matching rate gave me a clue as to about how good they were, but I had no way of knowing what level their aircraft were before the match (god knows I've run into a ton of Japanese players in the 1600 range with F-22As). I wasn't going to be the guy who joined a match and played god for the sake of boosting my own score stats at their expense. Once I saw they had no way of keeping up, I felt a responsibility to leave them alone.


Frankly, everyone here should be doing that. In the coming weeks/months, we're going to start noticing a huge gap in aircraft levels compared to those of us who have been playing since launch. If you did any sort of work (read: paid money) during the Mercenary King Tournament, that gap is going to be exponentially larger. It's best for the community to keep playing with similarly-skilled and leveled pilots - a good, well balanced room will have everyone hitting about 30,000-40,000 points with an S rank every time (except on Alps because Alps is terrible). If your games are as lopsided as this, you need to be searching for and restricting your rooms to similar matching rates. Why? Well, first off, everyone generally makes more money from an S rank, including yourself. A good S rank gets as much if not more credits than an A rank where you did exceptionally and nobody else did. 


Beyond that though, there's the matter of not shutting out new players. The main reason I felt horrible about that score above is because there were three friends in that room, all with mics. They were talking about how they had just started, and they were enjoying the game enough that they were (and I quote) "throwing money at it already." These new players, willing to put money into a F2P game, will be the lifeblood of this game and by extension the Ace Combat series for the foreseeable future. If I stayed in that room and basically made it clear that high rank players like myself were going to regularly come into their lobbies and completely stomp them because I've put more money into the game, it's going to shut their wallets pretty damn fast. If you actually care about this franchise, you need to keep that in mind. Don't pull some excuses either about how you're just trying to help them get a B or an A instead of the normal C new players get either. I guarantee you a hard-earned C rank earned by eight new players won't stick in their mind, but a brutal beatdown to the tune of a 60,000 point gap between their Falcon and your Raptor definitely will.


If you are intentionally seeking out low match rate lobbies for the sake of pulling insane scores, it does not mean you are a good pilot. It means you're an asshole. Give the nuggets some breathing room and go seek out a challenge. It'll be better for everyone in the long run.

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#841175 ;_;

Posted by ZerstorungBiscuit on 26 June 2014 - 12:06 AM

kista yoslav was walkin2 skewl wit mrkov n they were crossin da rode.


she sed “bbz will u luv me 4evr”


he said “NO..””


kisa cryed N ran across da rode b4 da mericn plaen were dne airstrik


mrkov was cryin and went to pic up her body.


she was ded


he whispered 2 her corpse “I ment 2 set I will luv u FIVE-ever…”


(dat mean he luv her moar den 4evr)



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#870267 In memory of Rean Wash

Posted by Zaku on 29 October 2014 - 06:37 PM



Rebecca Vachon

1989 - 2014



Rean Wash, a friend to many of us and longtime ACS user, took her own life last Thursday.  She will be deeply missed by those of us who had the privilege of knowing her, and remembered as a good friend who had a positive impact on our lives.  Her family requested that her friends make donations to the Trevor Project in memory of her, a charity that runs suicide hotlines for LGBT youth and promotes a culture of inclusivity.  She suffered a great deal as a result of her gender identity, and it's a cause that she would have been happy to see supported. 


The memorial donation page can be found here (if that link doesn't work, visit Donate -> Make a Gift -> Give Now -> Memorials and Tributes from their homepage).  Make the donation in memory of Rebecca Vachon. 


On a personal note, I know the terrible lack of closure felt when a friend dies suddenly, and I've felt that emptiness for the past week as I'm sure many of you have.  Doing good in her name, both through charity today and tolerant behavior in the future, is an expression of how we felt for her, and the best goodbye that we can offer.

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#869038 Ace Combat: Infinity Discussion

Posted by ZerstorungBiscuit on 23 October 2014 - 04:27 PM

You're both stupid.


Leadblast, shut the fuck up.  We get it, you have a different view.  Stop being retarded and dragging this out.


Valk, shut the fuck up.  You aren't BTFOing anyone. Stop being a fagget and dragging this out.


Just shut up you fucks.

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#869508 Ace Combat: Infinity Discussion

Posted by Valk on 26 October 2014 - 12:58 PM

You know what I'd call taking my level 3 F-5E to a low MR room, nevermind my Gripen? A massacre.

Here's a wild fucking idea: play with people in your MR range.
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#858558 How to be Cool

Posted by Nemo KB on 11 September 2014 - 11:28 AM

The upvotes mean nothing〜

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#910166 Ace Combat 7

Posted by Broth3r on 06 December 2015 - 06:57 PM

At least I have a normal pair of balls and don't buy every call of duty game.


At least his aren't in a pickle jar in some feminist's basement.

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#909968 Ace Combat 7

Posted by Dolemite on 05 December 2015 - 11:21 PM

To expand upon the Osean Aggressor theory... Allow me to tell you a quick one-shot fanfic.



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#862186 Ignominity

Posted by Nemo KB on 24 September 2014 - 12:30 AM

When the Eruseans extricated his remains from the flame-scarred wreck, there wasn’t enough to tell whether Mobius One had been a man or woman, young or old. All that the Eruseans knew was that he was the one with the ribbon insignia that had led the assault on Comberth Harbor, ruined Stonehenge, and singlehandedly destroyed every illusion anyone had that the Eruseans were invincible.


The Erusean press told proudly how the vanguard of Erusean’s air force fought and defeated him over the Gnome Ravine. They celebrated and cheered over images of the charred infinity loop, while some anonymous officers quietly returned his remains and flight recorder to us through third party contacts. The recorder showed us how Mobius One had, blinded by the jammers and bad weather, crashed into the valley wall. Erusea’s interceptors never got there.


Our press release did not mention this. “He died fighting to protect others,” we said. “Let’s not let any sacrifice go to waste: his, or any of the other soldiers who have died to reunite our nation under one free sky.”


We did worse than lie: we turned the death of a good man into a recruiting tool.


But while the news took a break from the war, the war didn’t stop. There wasn’t anything Erusea could do, and everyone knew it. By that October, we took Fabaranti.


Not before, however, half the northern invasion force sunk to the bottom of dark Antarctic water.


Not before San Salvaction turned into the biggest humanitarian disaster since the fall of Ulysses.


Not before soldiers were treading through bloody sand in the Whiskey Corridor as they made their way to the front.


Not before the Megalith Crisis, which we avoided only by the death of an entire squadron.


No, the commentators are right, our victory was inevitable to a point. Mobius One was not winning the war for us, we were winning it for ourselves. I’m not even sure that his presence would have made a significant difference to the outcome of those battles.


But in crises like these, with the hardships we face, there’s nothing to be gained by diminishing the accomplishments of a single man. Mobius One died an ignominious death, because though he was a hero, he was still a person, just like all of us. We all know people who died senselessly in this war. Our mistake was thinking that the ignominious end was unbefitting a hero. Never should we think any death ignominious. Not a single man or woman struggling on this continent is struggling ingloriously, and nothing in death can change that. The terms of our death say nothing of how we lived our lives.


In our dishonesty, we unwittingly tarnished the memory of a good man. No apology will absolve us, but it's my sincere hope we can still fix the damage we’ve done.

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#924722 Encyclopedia Strangereal

Posted by Nemo KB on 18 June 2017 - 01:34 AM

A bunch of us have decided to launch a sort of spiritual successor to Electrosphere called Encyclopedia Strangereal (also conveniently abbreviated ES). For those who are new and don't remember Electrosphere, it was basically an encyclopedia like the Ace Combat wiki, but curated by a very few people and specifically focused on Strangereal lore.


Why do this now? You can read the mission statement on the front page, but the long and short of it is: new translations! Remember all those cool in-universe magazines and shit from the official site? Those sometimes got translated, but never by anyone who spoke Japanese, so we (Gracidia and myself atm) are going through and retranslating all this shit.


We've done all the Ace Combat 04 official site material and are moving on to AC5, so stay tuned for that. Eventually we'll get to Aces at War and some of the strategy guides, which are gonna be rad since nobody has ever even attempted to translate most of that.


Anyway, I'm on record saying I think Strangereal as a coherent whole feels like a bad retcon, but some of the individual pieces here are cool as heck. Check them out.

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#909347 Ace Combat 7

Posted by Hat on 03 December 2015 - 07:13 AM


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#893007 Pokemon Trainer Red's connections to Mobius 1

Posted by PositronCannon on 14 May 2015 - 07:51 AM


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#870114 Ace Combat: Infinity Discussion

Posted by Valk on 28 October 2014 - 08:53 PM

uh oh I think I got a h8er


Anyway, I wasn't trying to instigate anything. And if buttblasted or Valk can't ignore each other or resist a single post, then that's on them. Not my dealing. Again, I will repeat. IT WAS NOT MEANT TO INSTIGATE ANYTHING.


I may not be a legendary troll on here (I'm not a troll on here at all, actually. Some people actually have common sense and the mods are two thumbs up) but if you talk to someone on battle log about trolls you might see my name pop up there with a couple of people. Course, I was only around in the BF4 era, but you know…People even called me a legend and some followed in my footsteps. But then again, this is BL. Full of idiots. Not ACS.


In fact, I have tried to make a positive contribution to this forum. I never intend to start up any trouble. 


Off topic though. Not the place for this discussion. If you want to continue, PM me.




That's cute. I was a mod once too you know. Wanna guess who I worked for?




You being a "former mod" doesn't mean a damn thing. Half the posts you make these days are trying to instigate shit, like you did with your little romp over at GameFAQs last week. Every shitty troll I dealt with on Battlelog before I left always played the "I never meant to start anything!" card, but it was always painfully obvious that wasn't the truth. That's how things worked then, and that's how they work now. 


I'll put it this way: I left EA before your time. I'm obviously not a mod here (or Leadblast would've been banned months ago). However, if I had been either, you'd definitely still "have a little mod in you," because I'd have planted my moderator boot so far up your ass you'd still be picking out bits of shoelace.

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#856621 How to be Cool

Posted by Nemo KB on 05 September 2014 - 03:58 PM

Okay ACS, I know what you're wondering. "How could I possibly be any cooler? I'm the coolest kind of cool! What could you possibly stand to teach me?"
I'mma tell you, but first, you can never be too cool. The very concept of "too cool" is an error in category. And second, being cool is one thing, but to be hella rad? You gotta work for it.
"And you're gonna tell me how to do that?"
Damn straight I am. Let's get to it.

So the first thing you gotta know about being cool is how to shitpost.
"Right on, I'm great at shitposting!"
Nah man, lemmee finish. Lots of people try to shitpost, but don't you know what gets them? They punch down. Punching down isn't just a shitty thing to do, it's also not very funny.
"Oh I know. But look, this guy over here, he's being a total dipshit! It's an open invitation!"
Yoooo, that's exactly what I'm talking about, don't do that. Anyone can point out a barely comprehensible post that's obviously wrong. It's really boring, man. I look at half of the stuff that gets posted here and yawn.
"But...I'm getting likes for it!"
Aww, I know you're a strawman, but really? Think about it, who are you getting those likes from? The other dumbasses on this site? "Wow, three whole people clicked the green arrow, this completely validates my being a shit!" Lame. As. Hell. At least you'd better make sure you're not pissing off more people than you're entertaining.
"Hey, if I'm pissing anyone off, they have it coming. I don't pick on people just to pick on them."
Man, being a tryhard isn't cool. It's inherently uncool. You jump on every single thing, and you look like you got an R-27 up your ass all the time. You gotta pick your fights.
And that actually brings me to my next point. Seal clubbing.
"Fuck seal clubbing."
Yeah, fuck the seal clubbing.
But you know what also sucks? Creating an atmosphere so acerbic that it drives away good people too.
"Buuuuuuulshit KB, if you're not a seal clubber, you've got nothing to worry about."
Yo, I've got a full inbox of messages from people telling me otherwise. You think people are gonna walk in and see us yelling and clawing at each other about some f2p game nobody's ever heard of and say "man, these guys are awesome!"
Nah, they're gonna walk in and say "man, these guys are assholes!"
So tell me, what's the reason why seal clubbing sucks?
"Because it drives off new players. Pound them into the ground enough, and they don't come back. We need them to keep the game alive."
Yeah, and what do you think we're doing by being shits all the time? Making them cookies and milk?
"Look, I'm not gonna be nice to damn seal clubbers!"
You don't have to be happy with them, but if you wanna be cool, damn right you're gonna be nice to them.
"That is the definition of tone policing."
Tone policing applies when it silences marginalized viewpoints and invalidates feelings. Damn straight I'm tone policing you about seal clubbing, that's literally my job as a mod.
I'm just saying, it's not cool yelling at people all the time.
"You expect me to just ignore them?"
Can you change them?
"Maybe, maybe not. But who are you to tell me that I can't yell at people who are obviously wrong and probably stupid? I don't need to be able to change them, I'm inherently justified."
Nah man, you got it all wrong. I don't think you're justified, but I don't even have to go there.


"Are you blind, KB? Of course I'm justified."


Alright, so let's say you're justified. Let's say it's totally chill to yell at people who are wrong and possibly stupid on those grounds alone. And you know what? Doesn't even matter, none of it. You're still doing all the other uncool shit. You're still driving people away, and you're still being a tryhard. Just because you're justified doesn't mean those other things go away.


If I never left a tip, I'd be perfectly justified in doing so insofar as it's permissible and I don't need any other reason, but I'd still be an asshole of colossal proportions.


"You sure are putting me to sleep. There's more conflict in an episode of Arthur than in what you're talking about. Conflict's the only thing keeping ACS alive."


Oh I know ACS will never be a paradise where nobody ever argues or gets assmad. I wouldn't want that, anyway. It'd get boring around here.


What I'm saying is that if you wanna be cool, you've got to play it cool. You've got to think before you post. You've got to not be a tryhard all the time.


Or else I'll probably end up putting you on moderator preview.


"Man, that's not cool."


Yeah, sure sucks, doesn't it? Don't make me do it, then.


"Maybe, but I'm not going to play by your rules."


Do what now?


"You think just because I'm a strawman that I'm gonna end this by meekly agreeing with you? I've got more pride than that."


Hey man, it's all good. Just go about your business, you don't have to say anything The fact that you're a strawman means you inherently agree. Every move you make just goes to serve the overall argument, anyway.


"Fuck you, KB. That wasn't cool at all."


I love you too, strawman〜

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#853341 Ace Combat: Infinity Discussion

Posted by Valk on 25 August 2014 - 11:42 PM

Says the player who proved himself a shark the first time we met.



>proved himself the first time we met


So what you're saying is...


I saw my #rekt in my dreams. Many times. A nightmare that I'll never forget.



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#849020 Ace Combat: Infinity Discussion

Posted by AceG404 on 09 August 2014 - 11:10 PM


Precisionista here.


The /aceg/ Steam group chat exploded after you kicked me from your room, and even more after you kicked me when I was under guise on a fellow /aceg/'s account that I am taking care of while he is away on a trip. You're quite the popular guy outside of ACS; everyone knows who you are regardless of reasons.


I already played my three supplied fuel for the night so the guys and I were room peeking looking for high rated hosts to add to our "seal-clubber" list as you guys call it. I had no intention of sorting off. You also kicked a number of the guys before in the past, which brings us up to tonight's turning point.


I'm not 21xx. I was 2418 when I joined your room, Yellow 13. You posted "No" in the chat then kicked me. When I joined on a different account, you were alone in the room, presuming you just opened it fresh, and I put on my headset. I introduced myself and it seemed like we were having a nice chat till you went silent after I mentioned who I was and what I represented, and followed by a cold kick. Not cool man.


I don't gain any rating points from players below 2000, nor do players 600 points away from me lose rating points if you want to look at it that way. I've already played in full 1900 rooms and I know I don't get points.


I am not a seal clubber. I hunt seal-clubbers, specifically Japanese whales in the 2000+ ranges. It's a past-time for me. You will rarely find me in <1900 rooms, although there are a few exceptions that I join for the sake of getting supplied over with since I get frequently kicked from most rooms, especially by Japanese hosts regardless of rating.


I know that you rock that Lv10 T-50 and a hangar with other shiny goodies. You are more than equipped to fly with me and the squadron. I wouldn't call someone with that kind of equipment and an 1800 a low-mid ranked player. I'm just disappointed that you look at numbers instead of the pilots themselves, and that you kicked me without giving me a goodbye kiss.


With that said, I sent you a message earlier on PSN inviting you to stop by the /aceg/ thread and fly with us for the sake of flying with the community. If you don't want to, that's fine. But don't turn the cold shoulder and post about it on a forum. That's bad form.


All posts regarding this incident have been screenshotted for future reference.



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#840161 PSA: High Scoring Matches, The ACI Community, and You

Posted by Broth3r on 16 June 2014 - 09:53 PM

Then just stop, dude. I get what you're saying and I disagreed with you. It's done.


You seem to be mistaking this for an issue of opinion.


It isn't. It's factual.

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#924682 The E3 2017 trailer is now up!

Posted by PositronCannon on 13 June 2017 - 05:29 PM

Here's my thoughts on the demo footage:



  • Aircraft parts system pulled straight off ACI? I'm okay with this, assuming it's not some kind of placeholder. I'd even bet the Super Hornet's stat bars are the exact same as in ACI, which does make the whole thing look placeholder-ish, but who knows.

  • Ammo counts: 400 gun ammo is a first, although it means little on its own without knowing the gun's rate of fire and power. MSSL count is slightly below what the Super Hornet had in AC6 (126 vs 140), possibly hinting at the mission scale not being that much lower (or just no rearming option). Fingers crossed for the former. SPW counts are about 50% higher than a plane of this tier would have in the PS2 games, so similar story there.

  • Missiles feel a little slow, although they look to be about AC04's missile speed. It could be that the lock-on range is longer as in AC6 (which bumped up the range from 1500 to 2500 meters), it's hard to tell at this quality. AC6's missiles were pretty slow, but it was justified in that the emphasis was on setting up a perfect shot (aka SHOOT mechanic) rather than the classic system of "fire when you're behind enemy that's flying straight". Accuracy-based rather than timing-based, basically. Missile tracking is hard to judge given the AI seems pretty passive, and also the guy playing sucks and can barely get, let alone maintain a lock in the first place. Much of the fast-paced feel of AC5 and ACZ's mechanics comes from the fast but not terribly accurate missiles, so it's a pretty important factor to get right when it comes to the feel of A2A combat, given they've abandoned AC6's system. But a slightly slower-paced set of mechanics like AC04's is fine too; what matters is that the devs know what kind of feel they're aiming for and tune those mechanics accordingly.

  • Likewise, it's impossible to tell how effective the gun is with this player. If it's anything like the PS2 games in terms of power and ease of use, that's great. If it's anything like AH or ACI against most air targets, please no. If it's anything like AC6... that's probably way overkill, unless the mission scale really ramps up to justify it. Or maybe that's where the lower ammo count comes in.

  • Either enemy missile tracking is absolutely horrible, or what seems more likely, the player can't be hit by missiles at all in this build of the game.

  • Flight physics are hard to judge without actually playing and seeing how the plane responds to your inputs, but they certainly don't look nearly as "on-rails" as AC5/ACZ's physics, which is good. IIRC the game has ACI-style High G, so that also avoids the slow turning of AC04 (although I'll always maintain that AC6's system is better since it gives you full control over the activation of High G, as opposed to "whoops I just wanted to brake and pitch down at the same time but I got a nosedive into the ground instead"). All in all the physics probably resemble ACI's the most, which is fine by me.

  • Given that it's an early mission, I won't knock it for being pretty much AC5-tier for the first part (there's what, 5 enemy planes apparently? and not exactly aces either), even if AC6 already did away with crappy "tutorial missions" 10 years ago. It does pick up for the update with a good amount of UAVs in addition to the superweapon, although I wonder if the order to retreat won't feel like a bit of a joke depending on what (if any) artificial limitations on progress they place on you for that part. Would hate to see an otherwise good mission turned into filler just for the sake of the plot.

  • Speaking of UAVs though, I'm glad to see there's no Pasternak-style shenanigans with their AI. They behave strangely but not in a "shooting them down is based on RNG" way, which is good. The regular enemies in the first part seem to have pretty braindead AI overall, hopefully that changes in later missions or is based on difficulty level.

  • Clouds seem to have a minor effect on handling and mask radar signatures. Not particularly intrusive, so hopefully the game sticks to that and doesn't turn it into a forced gimmick at any point.


  • Well, the game looks great, but that was a given. It's not just the technical aspects, but also the art design. There's a reason AC6 still looks great 10 years later and the technical aspects are only half of the story - AH is 4 years newer but it also happened to have the art direction of an edgy teenager.

  • I can't tell if the game's running at 30 or 60 fps from this video. I even downloaded the video to play it frame by frame but there's ugly blending every other frame so it's not very conclusive. Hopefully it is 60 fps across the board and not just in VR. It would be the first 60 fps AC since the PS2 era, AH on PC aside...

  • Sad to see missile trails don't last half a year like in AC6. :/

  • On the other hand, yay for AC6-style cockpit FoV. It only took 10 years to get that again...

  • Not sure whether to put this in visuals or gameplay: the 3rd person camera annoys me. They went with the style that popped up in JA where the camera lags slightly behind the plane's movement, which looks nice and smooth but it's not so great gameplay-wise when trying to aim your gun in 3rd person.


  • I like the music for the first part of the mission, and I see they're sticking with the good ol' obligatory percussion-based track for the superweapon (see: White Bird II, Hresvelgr, The Dead Sea). I have to wonder if Kobayashi is doing the whole soundtrack given that he's the only credited composer so far, or if Okubo is responsible for that track as usual (he's almost always done the music for big flying fortresses and cruise missile attacks, very recognizable style). Also, the hangar music is full ACX vibes, which never was Kobayashi's style either (sounds more like a Nakanishi track), but who knows.

  • Radio chatter seems good. Fairly professional with a bit of banter, not AC5 levels of cringe, but not as dry as AC04's.

  • Sound effects are pretty on point, not much to say there. The wind effect does sound very generic but I don't mind it.

To sum up, it looks good so far, but the main factor for me is gonna be mission design throughout the whole campaign. That defines replayability almost single-handedly, but of course I won't know how I feel about that aspect until I actually play the game myself.

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#911157 AC7 aircraft wish list

Posted by Captain Haddock on 10 December 2015 - 04:07 PM

A-10C? That's garbage.

A-10A sounds much better.

Let's go for the F-15A too then I guess.

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#911074 Ace Combat: Infinity Discussion

Posted by Brain Golem on 10 December 2015 - 03:09 AM

firegirl used to be confident and willing to take anyone on, but after being crushed by shiro she's developed a terrible fear of strangers that she'll never be able to overcome


shiro ruins lives, don't play with him

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